A Vacation from More of the Same Old Thing

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The video below is from Pump Boys and Dinettes. Rhetta Cupp tells her sister Prudie, “I need a vacation from more of the same old thing. … If I could only do something different somewhere else, oh what a joy, a mighty joy, that would bring.” Prudie then crosses to L.M., one of the “pump boys.” L.M. puts flip-up sunglasses on, and sings, “I’m going to Florida. Won’t you come along with me?”

Do you need a vacation from more of the same old thing?

You may be thinking, “Do I ever! But it’s just not possible right now.” 

A Florida vacation or the like is certainly a great way to escape from the same old thing. But let me help you think outside the box. Whatever your budget and and time constraints! 

Consider these three types of vacations.

Three Types of Vacations

Day Trips

Different worlds right near home

My home is just south of Boston, Massachusetts, with easy access to two different worlds, right near home.


My love affair with day trips began with my affinity for the ocean. One day I took a look at the map and decided that I would research every nearby seaside town.

One of my earliest finds was the charming Padanaram Village, a neighborhood in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. While visiting Padanaram, I saw a brochure for the FarmCoast. That brochure prompted visits to the adjacent towns of Westport and Mattapoisett in Massachusetts, and Tiverton and  Little Compton in Rhode Island. That’s the way it goes. One discovery leads to another.

The FarmCoast area reminds me of the South West England coast.

vacation from more of the same old thing
Hills and orchards
vacation from more of the same old thing
Fruitlands Museum

When summer turns to fall, I like to take to the hills! Living where I do, I became accustomed to a fairly flat landscape. I still recall my amazement the first time I ventured northwest of Boston. The hills! Especially beautiful during the fall foliage season!

I love Fruitlands Museum, Tower Hill Botanic Garden and Nashoba Valley Winery. All three of these have their own very nice restaurants. For a great small airport dining experience, there’s Nancy’s Airfield Cafe. My favorite tearoom is Special Teas in Northborough. Favorite orchards include Carver Hill and Tougas Family Farm.

Great things to see and do, right near home

Wherever you live, you probably have one or more of these nearby:

  • Museums
  • Gardens
  • Nature centers and hiking trails
  • Farm stands and orchards
  • Zoos and aquariums
  • Historic sites

Try using TripAdviser’s Things To Do section to research your nearby areas and towns. And TripAdviser’s Restaurants section can help you decide on a place for lunch!

A Quick Getaway

If you can spare a few days, and can afford one or two night’s lodging, try a quick getaway. 

I have fond memories of two of my own quick getaways.

Narragansett and Block Island in Rhode Island

vacation from more of the same old thing
Block Island

Block Island, just off the coast of Rhode Island, is a lovely place. With its rocky cliffs overlooking the sea, it reminds us of Bermuda.

The lodging rates for Block Island tend to run steep, so my friend and I opted for a B&B in Narragansett. There’s a ferry that runs from Narragansett to Block Island, so we stayed over one night at the B&B, and took the ferry to Block Island the next morning.

Tanglewood Music Center

vacation from more of the same old thing

For years I dreamed of getting to Tanglewood . Finally, to celebrate our seventieth birthdays(!), my best friend and I made it happen! We took ourselves and our husbands to the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge. The historic inn itself was a great experience; just sitting on the front porch with our cocktails felt very special. Staying at the Red Lion made it easy for us to attend a Tanglewood concert.

A Stay At Home Vacation

This type of vacation seems to have gained such prominence in recent years that it has earned its own designation — the “staycation.”

You can combine R&R at home with day trips and/or quick getaways.

Don Your Flip-up Sunglasses

Take that vacation from more of the same old thing!

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