The Necessity of Getting Involved

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necessity of getting involved
“I am here. You must see me. You must acknowledge me. You must include me.” (Photo: NARAL Pro-Choice America/flickr/cc)

Are you aware of what’s happening in our country?


If you don’t like what you see, what have you done about it? What are you willing to do about it?


Have you thought about the powerful ramifications of indifference and inaction? Do you understand the need for constant vigilance over ourselves and over our Government?


May these quotes help all of us recognize the absolute necessity of getting involved.


The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

— Albert Einstein

How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.

— Adolph Hitler

All we say to America is, ‘Be true to what you said on paper.’ If I lived in China or even Russia, or any totalitarian country, maybe I could understand the denial of certain basic First Amendment privileges, because they hadn’t committed themselves to that over there. But somewhere I read of the freedom of assembly. Somewhere I read of the freedom of speech. Somewhere I read of the freedom of the press. Somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for right.

— Martin Luther King, Jr., “I’ve Been To The Mountain Top,” April 3, 1968

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

— Martin Luther King, Jr., ‘Letter from Birmingham, Alabama Jail’, April 16, 1963

Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, these ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.

— Robert Kennedy

The Holocaust illustrates the consequences of prejudice, racism and stereotyping on a society. It forces us to examine the responsibilities of citizenship and confront the powerful ramifications of indifference and inaction.

— Tim Holden, Former U.S. Representative

The war for freedom will never really be won because the price of our freedom is constant vigilance over ourselves and over our Government.

— Eleanor Roosevelt

Never do anything against conscience, even if the state demands it.

— Albert Einstein

A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.

— Bertrand de Jouvenel (1903-1987), French political philosopher

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.

— Mahatma Gandhi

Become aware, seek the truth, reject the lies and take action from an empowered perception.

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