The Aftermath of the Election

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Americans are experiencing the aftermath of the election. What can we do to contain the damages and move forward?


Let’s begin by examining how we got to this frightening place. It all started with inequality.



Not long ago I wrote about how inequality is ruining our country. In a follow-up post, I explained some specifics of the damaging consequences of inequality. Today, with tears in my heart, I beg you to review those articles. Because they help explain what just happened.


What Just Happened: The Aftermath of the Election

Inequality has robbed some of us of our senses. 


So what do we do? We elect a billionaire mogul for president. Not just a billionaire, but someone who brags about not paying taxes. In March, CNN Money warned that Trump’s 500 businesses would pose an unprecedented ethical dilemma.


Trump is an immoral opportunist. He capitalized on our frustration and our fears. He managed to collect enough electoral votes to win the election.


How has he done it? He’s offered a simple, but very wrong, very dangerous answer for our nation’s troubles.


The Wrong Answer


The essence of Trump’s answer is this: We become stronger when the other becomes weaker. If we send back immigrants, if we keep out Muslims, if we ignore the problems outside our borders, then jobs will come back, and America can return to her former glory.


Open your eyes to just how wrong, how dangerous, Trump’s answer is.


District officials in Maple Grove say they are “horrified” by racist graffiti scrawled today in a bathroom.

The billionaire class and corporate America and Wall Street are controlling our political system and our economy.


Take a look at the aftermath of the election.There has been an alarming increase in hate crimes. NBC reported a rash of hate crimes the day after the election. Just today CNN is reporting specific incidents of  heightened bigotry and hate crimes.


Erase the Wrong Answer

Please keep an eye on things, before we really lose our way.


Don’t swallow Trump’s poisonous bait. Cough it up now, before things get worse.


The Right Answer

The right answer is not quite as simplistic as Trump’s.


But many smart people have been looking at ways to fix our broken economy.


I’ve written about some of these people and their ideas. I invite you to read Enough, For Everyone, Forever. Also, simply search on the phrase “new economy.”


I highly recommend that you follow David Korten’s blog on YES! magazine. Start with How to Break the Power of Money.


Stand Together

Our history has proven this truth:

America’s diversity is its strength.

I challenge my fellow citizens to listen — not just to those with whom you agree, but also to those who have different points of view. I challenge my fellow citizens to discuss issues with respect for differing opinions. I challenge my fellow citizens to embrace the diversity found in this great nation. I challenge my fellow citizens to stop and think before you act, to be a collaborative member of society, to include not exclude.

All of us must help and be heard — liberals, conservatives, moderates, native-born, immigrants, Judeo-Christians, Muslims, old, young. It is our country. We all bear responsibility for steering it into a more stable, productive and tolerant future.

— Suzanne Sunday, America’s diversity is our strength |


Stop Trump

It’s still possible to keep Trump out of the White House. See The Electoral College Was Designed to Prevent Trump. You Can Make This Happen.


Whatever you do, keep your attention focused on this man. Don’t let him get away with things that you know to be wrong.


Stand with Bernie Sanders when he says:

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