Best Corn Chowder Ever

November 15, 2016 Carol No comments exist

This may just be the best corn chowder ever! Perfectly seasoned, and loaded with sweet and white potatoes, carrots, onion, and celery.


Alicia Blais, who is a dear friend and great chef, is the creator of this wonderful recipe. Alicia and her husband Dave are the owners of The Foodie Cafe in Framingham, Massachusetts.


Alicia and Dave are two of the nicest, kindest people on the planet. Please support their efforts to eliminate hunger in the town of Framingham, Massachusetts. Read about Daniels’s Table in my post Seize the What Ifs and Change the World.

best corn chowder ever

Best Corn Chowder Ever

November 15, 2016

best corn chowder ever


Heat olive oil in a large (at least 4-quart) stockpot. Add onions, celery, and carrots. Cook, stirring, until softened, about 5-7 minutes.

Add the diced white and sweet potatoes to the pot. Cook, stirring, for 3-4 minutes. If the mixture starts to stick to the bottom of the pot, add a bit of the vegetable stock.

Add in the vegetable stock. Over medium-high heat, bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer, and cook until vegetables are tender, about 10-15 minutes. From time to time, stir the soup mixture, and test the vegetables by piercing them with a fork. Stir in the corn (fresh or frozen, canned).

Keeping heat low, add milk or half and half. Stir in the seasonings a little at a time, so that you can adjust amounts to your taste.


1-2 tablespoons olive oil

½ cup chopped onions

¼ cup chopped celery

¼ cup diced carrots

1 cups diced white potatoes

2 cups diced sweet potatoes

2 cups vegetable stock

3-1/2 cups corn (frozen, fresh, or some of each)

1 14.75-ounce can creamed corn

1-1/4 cups milk or half and half

¼ teaspoons salt

¼ teaspoon freshly ground pepper

¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper

¼ teaspoon nutmeg


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